Frequently Asked Questions


What Is An "Encapsulator Agent"?

"Encapsulator Agent Technology" is specifically designed to meet the needs of environmental safety, while providing the most effective fire suppression agent mixed with water and delivered from any and all appliances that normally delivers water for firefighting, and hazardous spill control. Non-toxic, non-corrosive, and 100% bio-degradable. 


How Can I Neutralize A Small Gasoline Spill?

By applying the "Encapsulator Agent" mixed at 3% through an extinguisher, hand-line, sprinkler system, or deck guns for larger spills, the agent forms micelles, encapsulating the hydrocarbon molecule in the vapor and liquid state. A quick spray application to the surface spill, will render the liquid and vapor non ignitable, non-flammable. 


Can Firesafe Consulting Group Provide A Customized Plan For Us?

ABSOLUTELY !!  We have the experience in multiple facets of fire & emergency services business to help you solve any of your problem areas. From Administrative, to Suppression Operations, to Fire Prevention & Life Safety Education" !! Let us know how we can help !! Chief T