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Fire & Emergency Services Operations

Firesafe Consulting Group is a leader in providing effective 21st Century Fire Suppression-Protection -Prevention and Management tools for today's challenges, for both private and government groups. Let us help you in meeting your goals and  objectives. 


Fuel Spill Control & Mitigation

If you are running a gas station/fuel distribution center, you undoubtedly are dealing with small gasoline & diesel fuel spills at the pumps. Let Firesafe help you customize a treatment plan that can save millions in liability from fires, slipping & falling, and overall litigation.


Ecapsulator Agent Technology

Let us customize a training and operational plan for you, using today's most effective fire suppression and vapor control 'Encapsulator Agent" technology that can assist you achieve your goals in every aspect of your response business. 


"F-500 Encapsulator Agent Technology Classroom Training"


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Our lead U.S. Board Certified National Fire Instructor Level IV, has over 25 years of  experience in the science, and operational use of F-500 for all types and classes of fires: Class A-B-C-D-F, and 3D running pressure fuel fires.

This on-line video Classroom training is the first step, with a hands on demonstration on the use of the product in your suppression operations equipment upon request for an additional cost designed for you.



Fuel Spill Control Training Using "Encapsulator Agent"


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Our instructor is a seasoned veteran of the fire service and has mitigated hundreds of gasoline/diesel/& bio-fuel spills using the 21st Century Ecpsulator Agents. You will receive a video training link that can be viewed at your convenience with your personnel. A step by step guide will prepare you to deal with various spills and spill fires using the "Encapsulator Agent".


"Putting A Lid-on- Food -on-the-Stove Fires"


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See how you can prevent stove top "food on the stove" fires throughout your community, at home, at work, and in industry. The technology is so easy to use and cost effective, that the U.S. Department of Defense has been using it in all their global housing for several years now. This technology is a true effective "fire prevention tool" that every home should have. Check it out. Chief T


Firefighter's Little Black Book;Your Pocket Guide To Safety


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If you are a firefighter candidate, on the job now, or even retired, this book is for you. These "Top 50" Dos & Don'ts For Today's Firefighter's has been making a huge difference for many in the fire service when they check themselves against the list daily.  A great read. Chief T


"Firefighting In The 21st Century"


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This book, written by Chief Tarnowski, covers 30 years of his fire department operational and management career. 30 chapters of very interesting topics that will be sure to keep you intrigued. He talks candidly about many of his experiences on the job, with a focus on some of the more high profile calls he was involved in. Another great read! 

** This book will be published in late March 2019. You can purchase your copy now, and be the first to receive it when released. 

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